Vinyl Cover

Two weeks ago we got a task to make a vinyl front and back cover. We had to create both an artist/band and songs. Some criteria for the cover were that we had to take one or more pictures to use for the cover and follow one of the “trends” on

So from the very beginning, I already had an idea that I initially was going to use, but I soon came up with more ideas that I wanted to use. Here are the ideas that I came up with.Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 10.48.41

I have no idea of how the ideas came to my mind. I do believe that the two first one was somewhat inspired by an anime called “no game no life”, but the rest somehow made their way into my mind.

Use of KEBB:

K= Contrast:
Contrasts are strong differences between two things, such as poor and rich, cold and warm, happy and sad, etc. Within media, it is often used in size contrast, a contrast between large and small typography and colour contrast. Contrasts are important in an image/design to create something that is eye-catching.

In my image, it has been used contrast. The front cover is not only a contrast on its own but is a contrast to the back cover. The front shows the colours blue and red, these colours are a contrast to each other because red is a warm colour that associated with blood, fire, rage or rubies. And blue is a cold colour that is associated with the sky, sea, melancholy, sad, depressed or Lapis Lazuli.

On the other hand, while the front is rocking colours. The back cover is in black and white. Colour is more associated with fun, while black and white are more associated with boredom.

A unit is what goes on in a picture/design, it means that the composition is perceived as a whole. It helps to create an entirety in everything. It may seem like a rhythm, for example, it may be an object, a shape or a colour that is repeated throughout the picture, almost like in music.

In my image, the one thing that is repeated is coffee mugs. I have also used the same font for all my text (Zelda Font).

When taking a picture or creating a design, it is wise to have a balance. By that, it is meant that items are placed correctly and that for example, do not place too much on the left side and nothing on the right. It’s not always one must have a perfect balance, but then it’s important to plan to make sure it looks ok.

The front cover of my vinyl cover is not in balance. This was purposely done. You can see that there are more mugs on the right side than the left, the reason for this is because it is supposed to symbolise how under stress we often turn unbalanced. And what that means is your daily routine is often just thrown out of the window and everything is just a mess. You may not get enough sleep or any sleep at all, you skip meals or eat too much etc.

Can be created using lines. Vertical, horizontal or diagonal. Movement creates a sense of life and excitement in the image, but can also provide system and order. Movement is also where you look at a picture.

I have used movement in my picture. What you first see on the cover is the text. After looking at the text you’ll move your eyes to the boy in the picture and eventually to the things on the desk.

On the backside, the first thing you’ll notice is the coffee mug and the image of the boy. After this, most people will look up in the right corner and read the text there and after that, they will move their eyes to the text in the bottom left corner. And lastly, people move their eyes to the barcode on the back.

Where I have used KEBB:

Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 11.20.49.png

Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 11.21.02.png

Chosen trend:
I choose the trend “cropped font”. The side graphicmama describes the trend as “Cropped typography was a hot trend for 2017 and is still hot for 2018. The art of erasing parts of the letters while still keeping their readability requires a lot of creativity and professionalism. The effect is 100% worth the effort.”. I did not create the font myself, but I used a font called “Zelda”

I also chose the trend “double exposure” for the back side of the cover. graphicmama describes this trend as “We can say with confidence that 2018 will be the year of “double”. Double exposure has been a thing for several years now. Despite the fact that some designers have put this technique aside for a while, we definitely see a rise of double exposure designs which amaze the viewer.”

I started with coming up with ideas, after that I had to choose an idea. I choose to work with the sixth idea I came up with. We were supposed to create a sketch, but I personally am not able to work with a sketch. It does not help that I can’t really draw either. So instead I decided to take some pictures the next day. It was kinda hard because I had to carry a backpack with ten coffee mugs. My model was my friend (Martin) and my helping hand was Anna. I was playing around with the lighting and found out that we had RGB lights in the ceiling. We decided to use these for my picture. After taking some pictures and messing around with coffee, we had gotten some good images. I chose one and created the front cover in photoshop. I did have a problem though. The cover is 30 cm x 30 cm and my photo was not square but rectangular. So I took and copied the background and placed that above the original picture. The thing was after doing that there was still a line there. But after some thinking, I found out that by placing the album name over the line I was able to cover it.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After doing the front cover it was time to move to the back. I knew that I wanted to use a coffee mug on the back side. I did not really have time to take a picture so I went on a website called Pexsels. Which is a free website with good quality images that you can use for your own design. I found an image of a coffee mug that I liked really well and decided to put an image that I also took of my friend Martin. I ended up using “double exposure”. And I also turned the photo black and white. For the text on both sides, I just used the textbox in InDesign.

Finished products:Invivviv


Mock up-file:

Vinyl Record PSD MockUp

The message for the cover is “School is just an endless cycle of I just need to make it through this week, every week”. What I mean with this is that for a lot of teens and adults these days the stress with the expectation of being good in school. Some people will say “the week is over soon, and then you’ll have the weekend to relax”. But that is the exact thing the message says.


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